Facebook Recruiting Basics : A Guide to 21st Century Employment Branding

Social Recruiting

The Facebook Page: a Subtle Balance of HR Branding and Recruitment

In order to use Facebook for recruiting, a company’s page has to be dynamic. By sharing interactive content, and having a significant number of “likes”, you ensure a successful employer branding strategy. A balance must be found between the content on the page (articles, videos…) and the job offers you share. For example, your employer brand manager could use a video to describe a job offer or an innovative infographic to explain your company’s culture. On social media, clear communication and a good connection with your fans are paramount.

Employer Branding Best Practices on Facebook

By growing your fan base and spreading job offers to their network, you’ll be able to reach top candidates. With an excellent employer branding strategy in place, your fans will be sharing your offers throughout Facebook in no time. All types of positions can be promoted on your Facebook Page; every opening can strengthen your employer brand.

Not only will you gain even more fans, but you’ll also increase your network of potential applicants! To get started recruiting on Facebook today, download the below white paper.

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