Facebook Makes the Personal Professional with a Major Update for Job Seekers

September 11, 2013 4:53 pm Published by Matthew Brown

One reason Facebook is such a powerful tool for job seekers and recruiters is the strength and breadth of connections between people and their networks. When you’re looking for a job, it makes sense to reach out to your friends, but the majority of people share their job seeking activities with their close network: friends and family.

Where job seeking on Facebook was once a manual, time-consuming activity for the active job seeker (i.e., reaching out to friends for connections, posting about their job search, researching companies for whom they might want to work), Facebook has now made it easier than ever to make the personal professional.

As of this week, any Facebook user can add professional skills to their Facebook profile. This, in addition to the option to make work and education history public, will make the job hunt even easier, as it will now open the channels for companies and recruiters to better target talent with relevant job ads or via Graph Search.

Giving users the option to update professional skills on this personal network gives them a much more complete social experience: they can manage their personal and professional relationships in one place, and make themselves recruit-able to companies they are already connected with on Facebook.  Entering skills on the profile can also open the door to new opportunities from recruiters, who are more frequently hunting for candidates via Facebook.

Facebook is getting more serious about integrating social recruiting into its definition of social networking, so you can expect more features like this one in the coming months. As more people fill out their professional skills, expect your Graph Searches to lead you to even better targeted talent than ever before.

I’m excited to hear about any social recruiting successes you have as more users fill out their professional skills sections. What are some skills you’re currently looking to hire?



This post was written by Matthew Brown

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