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Facebook Jobs: 2 billion candidates in a single platform

Facebook Jobs gives access to the largest candidate pool in the world. With more than 2.1 billion monthly active users, Facebook enables recruiters to reach candidates they don’t have access to on traditional job boards. Facebook Jobs is particularly useful when recruiting low and middle skilled profiles, notably drivers, technicians, call center agents, and restaurant workers.

Job seekers on Facebook

1 in 4 people in the US searched or found a job on Facebook in 2017

facebook Jobs

$ 1B Facebook investments since 2011 to help local businesses grow and people find jobs

Trouver des candidats sur Facebook

40 countries can currently utilize Facebook Jobs

Work4 is the first partner of Facebook Jobs and the first source of jobs on the platform. Our service gives you the ability to seamlessly broadcast your jobs directly from your applicant tracking system to Facebook.

Understanding the product

For recruiters

Jobs are posted by the recruiter with job details with information such as job title, contract type, salary, and qualifying questions chosen by the company. When a job post is created, it appears:

  • In the “Jobs” tab on Facebook Marketplace,

  • On the Jobs dashboard at facebook.com/jobs,

  • On the company’s business page,

  • On the page’s Newsfeed.

The recruiter can also add screening questions, that enable him to qualify the applications.

For candidates

Candidates can directly apply to job opportunities in Facebook. They can find jobs on the “Jobs” tab of their newsfeed, and they can search for opportunities by job title and location. When clicking on the “Apply now” button, a pre-filled form appears, containing information given by the candidate on their profile:

  • First and Last name,

  • Email address and phone number,

  • Professional experience and educational background.

2 possibilities to post jobs on Facebook Jobs and process applications

Posting jobs manually on Facebook Jobs is free. This is particularly suited for small businesses, who have one off recruitment needs. The company’s Facebook page admin collects applications in Messenger, where they can interact with candidates and schedule an interview.

Automate your presence on Facebook with Work4’s ATS integration

For medium and large organizations, Work4 provides an ATS integration to Facebook Jobs that enable them to automate the entire process. This ATS integration can:

  • Post all job requisitions automatically on Facebook Jobs with no volume restrictions,

  • Match each job description to a visual automatically with Work4’s job matching ATS,

  • De Integrate applications directly to the organizations Applicant Tracking System,

  • Provide all relevant data to measure performance.

The information given in the job card (title, contract type, salary, etc) are imported from the ATS and synchronized with Facebook Jobs. Recruiters don’t need to have admin access to their company’s Facebook page to post jobs or collect applications.

How does the ATS integration work?

Facebook Jobs for recruiters

They’re using Work4’s integration to Facebook Jobs

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Intel recruits on social media

“At Intel, we’ve been leveraging Facebook for recruitment advertising since 2011. We see it both as a very powerful environment to promote our Employer Brand and an effective way to advertise open opportunities to an audience that aren’t on the job boards. With the help of Work4, we just rolled out a number of initial roles on the new Facebook Jobs platform and I am impressed and intrigued by the applicants we received in just a matter of days. I do think the quality and quantity is there for this initiative and I am excited to see what hires come of the Facebook Job Board”

– Raj Suri, North American Recruitment Marketing Lead at Intel

Dot Foods recruits on social media

“With the help of Work4, we just rolled out a handful of jobs on the new Facebook Jobs platform and I must say I’m very impressed by the volume of applicants we received in just a matter of days.

Some of them are very relevant for the positions they applied to and it we are excited to see how these applicants progress through the hiring process. »

– Emily Waterman, Public Relations and Social Media Coordinator at Dot Foods

CBI logo

“Partnering with Work4 has helped CB&I expose our current opportunities to a new candidate audience through Facebook Jobs. We have seen great results thus far from Facebook and are excited to continue the relationship with Work4 and Facebook.”

– Jenia Haskell, IT Business Analyst at Chicago Bridge & Iron

C3 logo

“We just launched the FB Jobs integration, we’re really excited. The setup was very short and painless for us as a client. We’re looking forward to receiving the first applicants!”

– Ivy Suftko, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

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