Facebook in Front: Mobile Recruiting on the Social Network

March 19, 2012 9:10 pm Published by Jamie Horton

Evidently, size does not matter. Despite the smaller screens of mobile devices, about half of Facebook’s 845 million users spend time on the social network’s mobile app every month. Let’s take a look at how updates to Facebook’s mobile app will make it a more effective recruiting tool.

Share with Ease
Facebook’s redesign of its mobile app has increased performance across all devices. This facelift has increased aesthetic design and usability, encouraging users to frequent the app even more. Not only does the layout make it easier to absorb content, but it also promotes sharing with one-click liking and commenting. Take advantage of these new sharing capabilities with a call-to-apply post on your newTimeline-ified Page.

Streamline Sourcing with Mobile Apps
The arrival of apps on Facebook’s mobile platform will keep candidates glued to their screens and provide recruiters with more opportunities to share their open positions. For example, when you share a job on Foursquare, all of your Facebook friends will now be able to fully interact with that posting from their phones or tablets. Also, Facebook is opening its location APIs so you will be able to import check-ins from other apps.This will streamline your sourcing efforts and help to fully leverage all of your social media networks.

Jobs Ads on Facebook Mobile
Facebook’s dominance on mobile means that users are sharing more information and in the process providing more data for companies to create more targeted ads. Once Facebook launches mobile ads, you’ll have premium screen real estate to post advertisements for your organization’s job openings. These Facebook job ads will have a more significant impact than computer-based spots because mobile device’s smaller screens better captures a user’s attention.

Recruiters follow candidates, and as more people spend time on mobile devices it is essential to take your efforts from social networks to mobile apps. We here at Work4 Labs are in the process of optimizing our Facebook app for mobile. We think the mobile recruitment platform offers exciting opportunities for recruiters and candidates alike, that’s why our app will make it easy to discover jobs and join talent pools on the go.

How have your social recruiting skills transferred to the small screen?

This post was written by Jamie Horton

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