Employer Branding: The Next Step In Successful Talent Acquisition

January 17, 2014 5:13 pm Published by Joy Galia Meyouhas

Want more talent? Try looking at your brand through your employees’ eyes. The more endearing and desirable your employer brand, the more employees share it—and the more people want to work for you. Company culture is one of the major factors that help candidates decide whether or not they believe they’ll be a fit for an open position, and making culture a part of your brand will help you generate candidate leads, as well as help cut down on turnover within the company. 

employer branding and talent acquisition strategies

Now the big question: How exactly do you create a memorable and unique employer brand? There are three major components of an employer brand: culture, a mission with solid values, and people. Here are four articles from around the web with tips and tricks for hitting all three points to create an unforgettable employer brand.

  • Even as more companies embrace the idea of employer branding, there seems to be a disconnect between the perceived culture vs. what candidates actually get when they interview. Ashley Perez provides a basic outline, in this SourceCon article, on how to make the most of your employer brand both for sourcing and interviewing.
  • Everyone loves a compelling love story, right? Well, in this article for the Undercover Recruiter, Maren Hogan creates a tale of how recruiting and employer branding “fell in love,” and explains why that’s important for your company.
  • Instituting a strong brand message and company culture can help recruit candidates, even before the jobs are actually posted! According to Rob Romaine, employer branding is the key to recruiting star candidates.
  • Do you know exactly what type of company you are? How about what kind of employees you want to attract? Keara Mehlert suggests in her article that companies ask themselves the important questions in order to create a sustainable employer brand.

What key factors make up your company’s employer brand? What would you like to change about or add to your own branding strategy? Share your thoughts and feelings in the comments below!


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