Employer Branding – Back to Basics

September 7, 2015 4:14 pm Published by Matteo Batazzi


Employer Branding is often overlooked as a way to attract talent, and that’s a mistake. By using employer branding as part of your recruiting strategy, you’ll share the best aspects of your company culture which will encourage top talent to apply to your offers.


An effective employer branding strategy highlights four key aspects of your business:

  • Product: Demonstrate how excited employees are about your product using employer branding. In doing so, you will prove that your company is a great organization whose employees believe in it.
  • Opportunity: Employer branding is the perfect way to showcase the opportunities your company offers. By showing that hard-work is rewarded, you will appeal to ambitious job seekers.
  • Growth: Feature employees that have grown within your company. Employer branding is a great way to demonstrate that your company is a place where employees can advance their career in-house.
  • Benefits: Employer branding is perfect for highlighting the great perks of working at your company, and soon the best applicants will be knocking at your door!

Now you know what to focus on when developing your employer brand, but to be effective you need a way to communicate it. Time and time again social media, and especially Facebook, has proven itself the as the platform of choice for successful brand communication.


What Facebook can bring to your employer branding strategy.

Facebook is a great way to communicate your employer brand for the following reasons:

  • Easily share your jobs: By using a Facebook app (like Work4’s), you can easily post and publish job offers on your company’s Facebook page. Be mindful of their content, as they provide insight into your company’s culture and workforce.
  • Portray your company culture: Communicating your company’s internal culture will also appeal to job seekers. Not convinced? Check out Work4’s company video, and see how great it is to be a part of our team!
  • Interact with users: by using using social media as an employer branding tool, you will develop a community of involved users who can contribute to your talent pool.


Employees are your greatest asset when building your employer brand

The more you celebrate your employees and their achievements on social media, the more people will interact with your company online. The more interaction you have, the more wide-spread your brand will be! With more brand visibility also comes an increase in top candidates applying for your job openings. It’s obvious that the shift in HR to employer branding as a way to attract the best talent can no longer be ignored. Will you change your recruiting strategy, or be left behind?

If you want to learn more about what Work4 can bring to your recruiting strategy, contact us at contact@work4labs.com or check out our solutions page.

This post was written by Matteo Batazzi

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