Employer Branding and Social Recruiting


Use the right employer branding strategy on your Facebook page

Your employer brand plays a significant role in a candidate’s decision to apply for your jobs. If you have any doubts, just ask your marketing department how important branding is! A good employer branding example is a Facebook App dedicated to recruitment that not only provides a centralized location for you jobs, but also the opportunity for potential candidates to view and interact with your content. Building a fully-branded and mobile-optimized social career presence that seamlessly integrates with your ATS will have top talent applying in no time!

If you still have doubts, check out the case studies below to discover employer branding best practices, and see how companies like Uniqlo and Gap use HR branding for recruitment success!

How does social recruitment help you promote your employer brand?

In addition to using a Facebook app, you can also promote your employer brand and your available jobs with Twitter Job Cards or Facebook Ads.

By using a Facebook Recruiting Ad Campaign, you bring your branded employer message to an audience of highly targeted profiles across Facebook’s extensive network. Even if all of the targeted profiles don’t apply, there’s a huge opportunity to expose potential candidates to your brand, and get them to interact by building consistent employer branding.

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