Build a Better Candidate Experience with Mobile Recruiting

September 11, 2014 3:25 pm Published by Chris Fields

Mobile is not the next big thing, it IS the big thing. The reasons are plain and simple, nearly everyone has a smartphone and a tablet, nearly everyone is on social media and it’s more efficient and cost effective than other recruiting strategies.

2014 marked the first time in our history that there was more access to the internet via a mobile device than a desktop and we are seeing a tremendous explosion of internet access through apps, and if you didn’t know apps are available only on mobile devices.

Most people use their smartphones and tablets to perform everyday tasks and job searching is no different. In fact, 70% of the American workforce are considered active job seekers and are using their private mobile device instead of their company’s network to search for a new position. Statistics also show that 70% of employees are actively disengaged which means they aren’t happy at their current job which is why they are searching for a better one.

Although they are unhappy, they are still cautious. When a person has a job they can be more selective than those who don’t. So when these active job seekers search online for jobs, they consider several factors before applying and one of those factors is the candidate experience. If you are not familiar with term, it’s the entire process a candidate goes through to apply with your company. It includes your company website, career page, application process, phone screening, interview process, your initial contact and even your rejection notification.

-If a mobile job seeker can’t access your company page, they are gone.

-If they can’t view jobs on your career site, they are gone.

-If they can’t apply quickly, they are gone.

-If your coordinator or recruiter is rude on the phone, they are gone.

-If your interview process is confusing or awkward, they are gone.

-And if you reject them in an unprofessional way, they will tell everyone on social media.

The candidate experience is how you present your brand message to the world. In order to impress today’s candidate you must have a website that is optimized for mobile users and the process must be as efficient as possible. For instance, it’s a great idea to give your candidates several ways to apply with your company such as using their LinkedIn profile, uploading their resumes or filling out an online application – but you should not require a combination of the three, because it’s redundant and a waste of the candidate’s time.

I’m connected to hundreds of recruiters and hiring managers and when I asked them about their top imitative they all say “Recruitment.” It’s the number 1 objective of many companies, they want to know where to find the best people, how to attract and keep them.  Companies are working on their websites, career pages, apps, applicant tracking systems and application process to make it easier for candidates to navigate. I also work with many job seekers and I can tell you they hate to go online and apply for work because it’s too time consuming.

By using the tools of social media to recruit talent you can help your company win the war for talent, battle against turnover, and increase employee engagement. Developing a mobile recruiting strategy is critical to your organization’s success as we move forward into the future it’s only going to get bigger and more important to have one – so get started now.


This post was written by Chris Fields

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