Back to the Future of HR

March 28, 2014 4:13 pm Published by Kaila Prins

Great scott! There seems to be an epidemic of equal parts prognostication and nostalgia floating around the #HR-sphere these days. Can all of this prophecy and hindsight make the present state of our workplaces better?

Only time will tell (and then someone will write a blog post about it!)

Until then, here are some good reads to get you up to speed. (88 miles per hour, perhaps?)



Back to the Future of HR

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PAST: 10 Years of Social Media by the Numbers:

We know that the present and future of recruiting is decidedly social. But can the history of social media inform the decisions we make about the future of HR? This great infographic from Engadget gives us a little perspective.

PRESENT: Start Preparing Today for the Culture You Want in the Future:

If you want a retention-worthy company culture, then you need to follow Mike Haberman’s advice in the Blogging4Jobs piece. Understanding your technology and your people is imperative to future-proofing your company.

The State of Recruiting:

To make the most out of your future recruitment practices, take a page out of Tim Sackett’s book. His discussion on the state of recruiting will help you take advantage of three up-and-coming technologies and trends that are already here. 

FUTURE: Are You Ready for the Future of Work?

The title says it all. This is a great presentation by Ayelet Baron, which sums up the direction of today’s corporations—and explains in detail how people, projects, and technologies will shape 21st century work.

While we can’t all hop in the Delorean and take off, what trends and technologies have you already identified as important for the future of YOUR company?

Calvin* Kaila

*Nerd points to anyone who gets the reference!

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