Are you Following These 5 Social Recruiting Pros?

August 16, 2013 4:03 pm Published by Megan Lunetta

Are you ready for another round of “Follow these Social Recruiting Rockstars”? Well, we’ve got you covered for everything social and mobile recruiting from the experts! Following influencers in the HR field is not only essential to ensure you stay on top of the social media recruiting scene, but it also helps you build a community that provides you with a vast amount of amazing content. And you know we love content!

HR influencers have the lowdown on the latest and greatest trends and developments in recruiting, and they know how to phrase it into easily digestible terms. Social recruiting is continuously changing and reaching new heights. Here are some take-home lessons from five social recruiting pros:

1. Greg Savage is an avid keynote speaker and founder of leading recruitment companies Firebrand Talent Search and People2People. You can follow Greg on Twitter here @greg_savage. Learn about Greg’s view on the future of recruitment in this awesome post and video from The Social Recruiter. Greg talks about the challenges that recruiters face, changes in recruiting, and what the future will probably look like. What challenges do you face as a recruiting professional today and what do you think will be the challenges of the future?

2. Melissa Fairman is an HR pro and creator of HrRemix. You can follow Melissa on Twitter here @HrRemix. Her recent post talks about the four categories of compensation – happy, satisfied, dissatisfied, and disgusted. In which category do you put yourself, and are you motivated to develop new skills? Melissa’s guest post on HR Virtual Cafe asks, “Why on earth would HR need to be on social?” Recruiting professionals need to do more than just be on social media, they need to connect and engage to make it useful.

3. Susan LaMotte is an HR entrepreneur and founder of Exaqueo and she can be followed on Twitter here @SusanLaMotte. If you’re a newly formed company–or just looking for tips on how to hire–check out Susan’s post on tips on how to hire for a startup. Do you have a defined hiring process for your organization? Susan’s guest post on Tech Cocktail also discusses why hiring the best can make your startup fail. Do you always aim to compete for the best talent?

4. Mark Stelzner is the founder of Inflexion Advisors and a leading HR Consultant and Strategic Advisor. Follow Mark on Twitter here @stelzner. When was the last time you worked on a project with fresh eyes, optimism, and success? Mark’s article discusses maintaining optimism throughout innovative HR projects although it may be daunting. His recent post on Human Capitalist brings up the real reason why your employees are tuning out. In fact, did you know that 70% of American employees aren’t working to their full potential? How do you keep employees engaged and motivated?

5. Jay Kuhns is the Vice President of Human Resources at All Children’s Hospital and Health System. Check out Jay on Twitter here @jrkuhns. Have you found the right industry and job for you? In his post titled “It Can Be Done”, Jay writes about having a plan and taking risks to pursue a career that’s right for you. Jay’s guest post on Performance I Create discusses change and breaking habits. How do you break the inertia of your work?

Following these experts will give you great insights into developments in HR and the future of recruitment. Which social recruiting experts can you add to the list? I look forward to reading your comments! 

This post was written by Megan Lunetta

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