Answer the Call of Mobile Recruiting

September 6, 2013 3:42 pm Published by Kaila Prins

Consider this week’s round up a “call” to action of sorts: dial in your mobile recruitment or be prepared to miss out on your best candidates! 


  • According to this great Slideshare by Shannon Van Curen, “91% of all US citizens have a mobile device within reach 24/7.” What does that mean for your sourcing and recruiting efforts? Considering the fact that more internet searches will be done by mobile than on a desktop within the next year, you’ll find that people will be more likely to learn about your jobs by reaching for their smartphones and tablets. Which of Shannon’s tips and apps can you incorporate into your mobile hiring efforts? 
  • For the technologically savvy, Mobile Dave has just the post you’ve been waiting for: Six Performance Issues to Avoid. Mobile recruiting is all about providing a seamless candidate experience–and that means everything from making your jobs available on mobile to addressing mobile performance issues and technology snafus. Make the mobile search and mobile apply process enjoyable, and your candidates are more likely to stay on your site and finish their applications–even when they’re on the go. 
  • As more and more candidates flock to mobile apps like Facebook and Twitter (and, trust me, they’re flocking), they’ll be using shortcuts like #hashtags to search for keywords. How’s your hashtag IQ? Make sure that you’re using them properly to make it even easier for candidate to tap on careers from their tiny mobile screens. 
  • Concerned about picking the right mobile recruiting solution? Then this whitepaper will help guide you in the right direction. Don’t leave your mobile strategy to guesswork–know your options and make your choice based on the technology that best fits your mobile recruiting strategy!
  • In need of a little inspiration to fuel the fires of your social and mobile recruiting? Take a look three companies that are nailing social and mobile recruiting in this recent article from Forbes. 

How will you answer when your candidates come calling? Tell me about your mobile recruitment efforts in the comments: What’s working? What do you still want to improve? And what will you do to get there? 


This post was written by Kaila Prins

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