A “Tweet” End to the Week: Social Recruiting with Twitter

March 21, 2014 2:44 pm Published by Kaila Prins

Even if you’re already connecting with your talent on Facebook, you can supplement your social recruiting by flitting over to Twitter to foster even more conversation (as long as you keep the chatter to 140 characters or less!). 

No matter where you are with your Twitter strategy, here’s a social recruiting lesson or two from around the web this week: 


Social Recruiting with Twitter 

BEGINNER: Just like a baby bird, our “leaving the nest” moments can be a little awkward and a little adorable. Before you start tweeting away, get a load of how others started the conversation: this fun little tool lets you discover any user’s first tweet. 

*Pro tip: don’t make these first tweet mistakes!

INTERMEDIATE: Our friend Lars Schmidt from Amplify Talent recently posted his thoughts on using Twitter for employer branding along with a list of brands that have a career presence on Twitter. Bryan Chaney responded to Lars with his ideas about the use of a Twitter careers account for engaging active vs. passive candidates over at HCI. Are YOU using Twitter for more than just posting jobs? Take your tweets to the next level by strategically sharing your brand and your culture. 

ADVANCED: So, you’ve got the 140 character update down…but you have all kinds of media that you’re just dying to share with your Twitter followers. How can you add MORE to your tweets? Check out the definitive guide to Twitter cards from Jayson DeMers Forbes to add photos, videos, and more to your tweets. (If you’re using Work4’s Social Job Sharing, Job Cards are automatically added to your Twitter feed, so you won’t need to do the extra work.) 

Have you started using Twitter in your social recruiting strategy? What have been your best strategies for interacting with candidates in less than 140 characters? 


This post was written by Kaila Prins

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