6 Hot Social Recruiting Trends and Tips

July 19, 2013 3:41 pm Published by Megan Lunetta

Recruiting is indeed a social activity, so with the birth of social media, naturally, social recruiting was the next logical step. With 58% of companies reporting difficulty in recruiting, launching a social recruiting strategy can be an essential solution for resolving a company’s recruiting woes. Technological advancements and social media trends have changed the way job seekers connect with businesses. Keeping track of the latest tips and trends can ensure your company’s ability to attract talent.

To get you up to speed on some exciting developments, here are 6 hot social recruiting tips and trends to follow:

1. Communication is Key

Online marketing and social media still make people nervous, due to the constant changes to features and technology. Getting a handle on the basics will help you effectively engage with candidates. This post by The Undercover Recruiter explains five tips for building candidate engagement, including a career site, storytelling, and case studies. Another article, Improving Social Enterprise by Collaborating With Social Feedback, explains the idea of “social feedback” as two-way communication that results in action. Having relatable, timely, and interesting posts will engage your audience and lead to a discussion. How do you communicate with job seekers?

2. Be Discovered through Search

With the worldwide launch of Facebook’s Graph Search, you can optimize your page to ensure that candidates discover your company. This infographic outlines nine steps for Facebook Graph Search optimization. Have you launched a Facebook Career Site? Another way to get your company and jobs discovered by candidates is to be sure to use Facebook hashtags! Read more about why Facebook hashtags will revolutionize social recruiting in a post by our CEO for AllFacebook here.

3. Monitor and Measure Analytics for Success

Asking the right questions can give you the best insights so you can track your social recruiting strategy. Recruiting Trend’s list of the top 10 social recruiting tips mentions measuring and monitoring conversion rates, sources for high performance applications, and timing as important elements to measure to find quality candidates. A slideshare presentation by SuccessFactors states that companies need a multi-channel strategy that uses analytics to measure effectiveness for their jobs. How do you measure your recruiting strategies? 

4. Get Hip to Mobile

Mobile devices have certainly revolutionized how we interact and how we recruit. This article from the Society for Human Resource Management points out that recruiters must optimize their career sites for mobile. Candidates search for jobs on their mobile devices through mobile career sites, e-mail alerts, text alerts, and mobile apps. In fact, 1 in 5 people search for jobs on their mobile device. Has your company gone mobile? Learn about selecting a mobile recruiting solution in our latest whitepaper here!

5. Use Video to go Viral

With the launch of Vine and Instagram videos, video is increasingly becoming an important way to reach candidates. This article shows the differences between the two with Instagram ahead in terms of more features (there’s even mention of a Facebook reader!). Do you plan to use Vine or Instagram in your strategy? Check out this great list of 14 ways to use video in your company’s hiring strategy.

6. Build Rapport and Relationships with Talent

Building your brand and talent communities on social networks is a great way to attract and retain talent. Forbes’ list of the nine trends in corporate recruiting shows how recruiters have become sourcers and brand ambassadors. Now recruiters are acting like marketers to better reflect the company’s brand image in its recruiting message. Smarterer’s slideshare presentation explains how putting a face on the company will engage jobseekers, as well as those hard to reach candidates. How do you translate your brand to potential hires?

What social recruiting strategies are you using? Which of the above tips have you implemented, and what trends are you planning to add to your strategy? I’d love to read about your experience with social recruiting trends in the comments section!



This post was written by Megan Lunetta

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