5 Ways to Attract Candidates with Facebook Timeline for Pages

February 29, 2012 9:17 pm Published by Deepti Arora

Facebook opened Timeline to all business Pages today, and with the new design comes new opportunities to promote your organization and turn visitors into fans and fans into candidates. Start getting excited about these changes and experimenting immediately – you only have 30 days before it becomes mandatory!

1. Upload a Creative Cover Photo
Have your cover photo and profile picture interact in a creative way that represents your company and its mission well. Whether you have a recognizable logo or an up-and-coming brand, a dynamic cover photo will introduce visitors to your company and encourage them to further explore your Page. While you should be as innovative as possible, remember Facebook does not allow banners to contain sales information or calls to action.Also, make sure you use an image with high resolution;a pixelated cover will literally distort your story!

2. Tell Your Company Story with Milestones
Go back in time and see when your company launched important products or moved offices, and find interesting visual images to match. For example, the Today Show’s Page highlights events it has covered since its founding. By adding these “milestones” to your Page you can create a relatable story and introduce passive candidates to company culture.If it’s a milestone current employees are passionate about, encourage them to ‘like’ and share it with their networks.

Find candidates on Facebook for online recruiting campaigns

One of Work4 Labs’ Milestones

3. Pin Important Announcements
Since you can’t place calls to action in your cover photo, Facebook has enabled companies to “pin” announcements to the top of their Timeline for up to a week. Now you can publicize new hiring campaigns or share and highlight a particular, hard-to-fill opening. Whether your Page is for your whole company, or exclusively for careers, pinning a job post guarantees all of your visitors will see at least one of your job openings.

4. Show Off Your Jobs App
Timeline will make important apps more visible by assigning thumbnail photos and placing them more prominently at the top of your Page. Not only does this work to call attention to your job ads on Facebook, but also for your own custom app. Take advantage of this layout update with flashy and informative thumbnails. Timeline’s layout allows for only four apps to be featured at the top, so make sure your careers tab is in one of these prime spots.

5. Respond to Customers and Candidates
Timeline also brings with it the ability to respond directly to messages from visitors to your Page. Whether they are candidates with questions or customers that have a complaint, you can send a quick, confidential response that will not appear on your Wall. This is a cheap, fast portal for customer service and will surely help with brand management.
These Pages will allow brands to have a more interactive experience with their fans and potential new recruits, capitalizing on Timeline’s push for openness. We here at Work4 Labs have been working closely with Facebook through these changes and our Timeline optimized app will be launching at the end of March. Contact us if you’d like a sneak peek.

Have you updated your Facebook careers Page to Timeline yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

This post was written by Deepti Arora

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