5 Tools Recruiters Must Utilize to Eliminate Time Zones

April 21, 2014 3:12 pm Published by Will Thomson

I am a global recruiter.  I work for a widely recognized company with an established brand.  I have the opportunity to talk to people in countries all around the world.  I am in the trenches.  What I am about to preach, I breathe every single day. 

The world we live in does not have any boundaries anymore.  People we would never have been able to talk to twenty years ago can be communicated with instantly.  The technology of today is a bit overwhelming. 

Eliminate Time Zones

Before taking my current role, I had never been in a position where I talked to candidates in Brazil, Canada, London, and the United States all within a couple of hours.  I didn’t really even know it was possible. 

Cultures are different.  The money has different values.  The weather is different.  The one thing that remains the same though is that candidates are candidates and I am the point of contact to get someone hired.

What else do you need to know about the world when you are looking for global talent?  You need to embrace technology and social media.  It is key to your success. 

Here are 5 tools I utilize daily to help with my recruiting efforts and to help me eliminate time zones.

1)       Skype–   You NEED this to effectively screen candidates.  Who would have thought the day would have come where we can actually interview someone over the computer in real time?  People from different countries are very accommodating.  Most of the time you can do your job within your working hours and they will adjust their schedules.  London, for example, is 6 hours ahead of me.  They Skype with me in the evening during my regular hours.  Skype also has a Chat function.  If a candidate isn’t available when you try contacting them, they will get the message the next time they log on.

2)      Twitter– It never turns off.  There is always a constant stream of information that passes.  If you have the smartphone app, when someone sends you a tweet, you WILL get a message saying that you have gotten a tweet.  It doesn’t matter what the time is, most people around the globe have their phone with them at all times.  It is hard to miss a big note that says “message” on the front of your phone.  People respond quicker to tweets than many other mediums of communication, making it such a successful channel for recruiting.

3)      Facebook Instant Messaging– Almost everyone around the globe has a Facebook account, so it makes sense to be connecting with candidates there.  I use Facebook IM almost more than texting now.  I know that most everyone has a cell phone in their pocket and they will get the message.  The smart phone is almost like a drug.  We are always checking status.

4)      Google Hangouts– If you don’t have Skype or don’t like the way it is set up, get a Gmail account and get set up with Google Hangouts.  Some people have not adopted this technology, but it works.  It works really well.  Invite the candidates into your circles and you can have real time conversations with them.  You also now have their e-mail.  Everyone checks e-mail.  It may be delayed, but you can talk to them.

5)      A Cell Phone– Of course, right?  Well, it’s not as easy as calling someone next door.  There are country codes.  There may be issues with expenses, but- yes… of course.  And (if you can figure it out) TEXT THEM!  There is nothing faster with a guaranteed instant response time!  From there, you can set up a time to talk that works for both parties.

The key to remember here is that every candidate is different in our increasingly socially and technologically savvy world.  Once you have connected with the candidate via social media, e-mail or phone, find a way to communicate with them and get a quick response, real time!  Eliminate those time zones.  Every candidate has a different preference so find out which one works best for your candidate and utilize it daily to help move them through the process.  If you use these tools, you will get them hired! 



This post was written by Will Thomson

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