5 More Reasons to Start Social Recruiting Today

September 9, 2014 4:01 pm Published by Anne Fleshman

Recently, we shared 4 Reasons to Start Social Recruiting Today.

Social recruiting can significantly change the way you hire candidates. It allows you to quickly and easily engage with potential candidates, both passive and active, on a more personal level. Early adopters are already having success recruiting on social networks. Here’s an example from Hard Rock Cafe and another from recruiting technology resource Software Advice featuring Time Warner.

Are you thinking of going social? Here are 5 more reasons to consider.

1. Streamline your candidate experience.

Your company is probably a great place to work. But if your candidate experience fails to meet expectations or your application process is overly complicated, you’re going to lose out on some of your best candidates and potentially damage your employer brand.

Social recruiting can help you stay in touch with them at every step of the process. Make it easy for applicants to search for, view and apply to your positions from their social profiles.

2. Extend your diversity hiring initiatives.

The benefits of hiring candidates with diverse backgrounds, cultural values and experiences are well known. From driving innovation to managing growth, diversity recruiting helps companies stay competitive. While today’s generation of job seekers is more diverse than ever, they’re also harder to reach and engage with. Social recruiting can help companies celebrate diversity in their workforce.

3. Reach passive candidates.

Many of the most qualified candidates are not actively seeking new job opportunities, but would consider a change for the right position. Recruiters often view these passive candidates as “white rabbits” – people who are already employed in good jobs with employers who want to keep them. While getting the attention of passive candidates is difficult, they often have the in-demand skills and strong work ethic that hiring managers are looking for.

Passive candidates aren’t going to job boards, but they are checking out their social media accounts several times a day. Learn more about how you can capture “white rabbit” candidates by downloading our guide.

4. Reduce your cost-per-hire.

Social recruiting is a cost-effective way to source candidates. Unlike job boards or other traditional recruiting sources that push your open positions to the masses, social media can be targeted to zoom in on specific candidate profiles. By personalizing your hiring message, you’ll get more candidate engagement and increase your applicant conversion rates.

5. Get more acceptances of job offers.

Candidates who have been recruited on social media have stronger relationships with your company. They’ve already shown their interest in your organization, its corporate culture and know they would be a good fit. To retain candidates as they are considering your offer, use social media to personalize their experience and show your continued interest in them.

Want more? Download our guide “9 Reasons to Start Social Recruiting Today”

Will you be adding social to your strategy this year? Let me know in the comments!


This post was written by Anne Fleshman

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