Visibility and Cost-Effective Recruiting: a Working Recipe for Metro Staffing Services

Since 1993, Metro Staffing has provided employment services to organizations in a variety of industries. They focus on matching the needs of companies with the skill sets of Metro Staffing’s candidate pool. Their biggest challenge has always been to find the highly qualified untapped candidates for each of their partners, so they turned to Work4 to help them navigate the giant talent candidate pool that is Facebook.

Metro Staffing’s Social Recruiting Strategy

Metro_Staffing_Services_Work4 Metro_Staffing_Work4

W4 App

Over 12 months, their Facebook page was used to promote hundreds of jobs. Viewed more than 7,341 times, these jobs attracted 442 applicants and 441 subscribers to their job alerts. Thanks to the use of our W4 Ambassadors feature by a small group of Metro recruiters and other team members, they automatically shared an additional 4,084 jobs across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

W4 Pipeline

18,000 Facebook ad clicks powered by Work4’s propriety targeting technology resulted in 132 placements, with 1,700 applications sent to Metro Staffing – that’s $7.05 per applicant. This campaign also created massive job visibility and brand awareness across their midwest markets, generating over 750,000 impressions.