USA Truck Takes Recruitment to the Next Level with Social Job Posting

USA Truck ongoing challenge is to recruit a high volume of truck drivers, but they also wanted to adopt an innovative position in the US market by sourcing candidates via non-traditional media. For them, the combination of Work4 and Facebook was the perfect solution.

USA Truck’s Social Recruitment Strategy

USA Truck USA Truck 3

First Step: W4 App

First, USA Truck chose the W4 App in an effort to improve their employer brand and grow their talent community. Work4’s social recruiting solution, which fully synchronized with USA Truck’s career website and applicant tracking system, improved their usual recruitment performance by generating an average of 10 qualified candidates and 106,078 impressions each month.

Second Step: Taking it to the Next Level with W4 Pipeline

Pleased with Work4’s App, USA Truck decided to take social recruiting to the next level by launching targeted ads using W4 Pipeline. Fully automated campaigns were launched over the course of one year. The results far exceeded their expectations: W4 Pipeline resulted in 4,000 apply clicks in total, 40 applications received, and an average of 203,318 unique impressions each month.

Soon after that, USA Truck decided to double their investment in Work4 and W4 Pipeline. Confident that Work4’s solutions are a key element of their recruitment efforts, they will continue to use W4 Pipeline to maximize their recruitment strategies.