Since 2014, Group Lucien Barrière Has Published More Than 1,000 Job Offers on Facebook with Work4

Group Lucien Barrière is a French company operating luxury hotels and casinos in European countries. It is the market leader of French and Swiss casinos.

Operating more than 40 casinos and 1,700 rooms, the Group is always recruiting. A diverse array of positions need to be filled, everything from housekeepers to hotel directors. On average, more than 250 job offers are available at any time.

In 2014, in an effort to innovate their recruiting methods and reach a wider audience on social media, Group Lucien Barrière started using Work4’s two main solutions – W4 Pipeline and the W4 App.
This new strategy not only enabled them to reach thousands of qualified candidates, but also enabled them to promote their brand and their new openings across Europe. To this day, the Group continues to use Work4’s solutions to target a diverse group of both active and passive candidates.

Group Lucien Barrière’s Social Recruiting Strategy


W4 App

Since 2014, Group Lucien Barrière has published more than 1,000 job offers on its W4 App.
On this page, personalized with visuals and videos, the Group also promotes its employer brand and publishes information about new casino and hotel openings across Europe.
For the Group, its page is not only a way to share information, but to also interact with the growing number of visitors from France as well as other European countries.

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W4 Pipeline

The W4 Pipeline feature enables the Group to publish, directly on the Facebook Newsfeed of passive candidates, its job offers and special announcements (events, openings…).
Thanks to the targeting accuracy of Work4’s algorithm, the job offers are only displayed to relevant candidates who match the criteria established previously by the Group for each of its open positions.

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