Pegasus Residential boost its recruitment with Work4

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Pegasus Residential was launched in January 2009 with a bold vision of revolutionizing third-party apartment community management. Specializing in luxury level management in a variety of markets, Pegasus Residential currently manages over 35,000+ units for various institutional clients, partnerships, and individual owners.

“We can now reach potential candidate we couldn’t reach with our previous actions.”

– Bonnie Spinks, Director of Marketing Platforms

Why they came to Work4

As a fast growing company, Pegasus Residential needed innovative recruiting technologies to hire Maintenance, Sales and Leasing staff. Due to their multiple locations, the need to have a targeted recruitment strategy was of high importance. Pegasus Residential discovered that a large number of their existing employees were highly active on social media so they determined that a platform like Facebook might be perfect to find new candidates they were not finding elsewhere.

In order to set up and run their Facebook recruitment strategy, Pegasus Residential briefed Work4 on two missions. Reach people they could not reach with traditional recruitment channels and be able to automate job posts across their more than 100+ community Facebook pages. To answer this brief Work4 created two strategies :

  • The creation of a new candidate acquisition funnel utilizing targeted Facebook ads for their Maintenance and Leasing positions.

  • The setup of a Social Job Sharing feature that can automatically post their jobs on their different Facebook pages depending on function and locations.

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Having targeted recruitment campaigns can bring many positive outcomes for an employer. The first is providing a better and faster recruitment process to attract talent, but another benefit can be a reduction in turnover. With more than 1,000 employees reducing the turnover was one of the key challenges for Pegasus in terms of team efficiency and growth stability.

Thanks to targeted recruitment ads, Pegasus was able to attract candidates living closer to their work locations and with both better cultural and technical fit to their open positions.

Pegasus turnover dropped by 33% after one year of Facebook hiring strategy.