Melton Truck Lines

An International Trucking Company Leverages Facebook Recruiting to Build a Talent Community and Hire Drivers.

Recruiting on Facebook with Work4™ allowed Melton Truck Lines to grow its brand, increase awareness of its careers and talent community, reduce its advertising costs, and find quality drivers who are proud to represent a company they know and “like” both on and off the road. Melton Truck Lines’ company drivers have been on the road since 1954. With a track record of excellent driving and excellent customer service, Melton Truck Lines is one of the most reliable carriers in North America.

Melton Truck Lines responds to changing customer needs with a flexible, full-service menu of options, from express delivery to load tracking over the web, and efficiently handles cargo across the Canadian and Mexican borders. Melton Truck Lines’ prides itself on a commitment to safety through its rigorous standards for employing drivers.


How do you turn a trucking company’s careers into an alluring employer brand on Facebook?

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W4 App

Work4’s Social Recruiting Solutions allowed Melton Truck Lines to build a Facebook presence from scratch, grow their talent community. The company installed a branded Facebook Career tab on their Facebook Brand Page, and began importing jobs from their applicant tracking system to allow potential candidates to access their job opportunities and apply through Facebook.

W4 Pipeline

Melton Truck Lines invested in W4 Pipeline to attract new potential candidates to the talent pool. Because Work4 is integrated with the Facebook ads platform, Melton was able to take advantage of intelligent targeting based on users’ profile information to attract quality drivers to their positions.

The Work4 Ads team ran Sponsored Stories to help grow the company’s fan base and spread brand awareness. They ran targeted ads as well to attract both active and passive potential candidates to specific open positions.


  • 4x

    Quadrupled Facebook fan base 5 months after implementing their Work4 Solutions.

  • 896K

    Reached 856,000 people through impressions, and brought 3,561 clicks and 1,474 likes in 3 months with W4 Pipeline.

  • 90%

    In the first three months of 2013, over 90% of the company’s job views came from ads. The ads campaign to attract truck drivers resulted in only $0.36 CPC, saving Melton Truck Lines money on its Facebook advertising.