International Cosmetics Company Targets Qualified Candidates Using W4 Pipeline

L’Oréal is an international cosmetics company, with a reputation for innovation in the field of beauty. Despite its brand recognition, L’Oréal struggled to find a qualified candidate for a particular internship. After weeks of posting on job boards, L’Oréal had received many applications, but few were qualified. The company needed to quickly attract candidates from specific universities with particular educational backgrounds and experiences.


How to leverage Facebook Ads to fill internship positions?



W4 App

L’Oréal installed the W4 App on their Facebook Global Recruitment page and posted several internship and full-time offers. The social features of their W4 App allowed fans and employees to share jobs throughout their networks.

W4 Pipeline

L’Oreal used Work4’s patented Facebook job ad platform to promote jobs to qualified candidates beyond their fan base. Through these ads, L’Oréal was able to target specific users based on information such as education, interests, work history, and location. By using these advanced social recruiting tools, they were able to fill positions quicker and cheaper than through traditional job boards.

Social Reporting & Tracking Tool

Once the Facebook job ads were launched, Work4 automatically managed their performance to ensure that they attracted high-quality candidates for their job openings.


  • 5.88M

    The ad campaign generated 5.88 million impressions and 4,167 clicks. Its click-through-rate (CTR) was much higher than the average CTR of Facebook Ads.

  • 153x

    These generated 153 applicants (3.67% conversion), almost all of whom were pre-qualified for the internship based on their education, experiences, etc.

  • 17x

    Applicants began to view the job and submit their resumes minutes after the ad campaign went live. L’Oréal received 17 qualified resumes within the first 12 hours.