How Centerline fights the driver shortage with Facebook

Facebook Job postings


Centerline Drivers is a staffing company for transportation. Their mission is to build exceptional relationships and insights with customers, drivers and employees. Centerline has connected over 50,000 drivers with Fortune 1000 and mid-sized companies since its founding in 1975. Professional drivers rely on them as their coach to find satisfying jobs where they can excel. For 42 years, Centerline has focused exclusively on recruiting safe, compliant drivers. The company has established a culture of reliability and respect that supports its customers and drivers so they can be efficient and profitable in their businesses and their jobs.

As any other company in the transportation industry, Centerline is impacted by the driver shortage in the US. Industry estimates place the shortage at more than 50,000 drivers and could go up to 174,000 in the coming years. To overcome this challenge, the Centerline strategy was to enlarge the reach of their communication to passive candidates and where drivers spend most of their time. Facebook rapidly emerged as the main channel of communication for this strategy as more than two-thirds of drivers in the US (2.3 Million drivers) are very active Facebook users.

On top of the driver shortage Centerline is facing another challenge as they mostly recruit experienced drivers with at least 1 year of experience. This led to a need for candidate targeting that would bring the right profiles to the top of the recruitment funnel.

Centerline strategy was ambitious as they wanted to reach both active and passive candidate on Facebook and for each target to be able to filter the applications in terms of experience and qualifications.

After they did some tests internally, the first numbers were promising but they couldn’t scale them due to a lack of Facebook recruitment expertise. This is when they came to Work4.

“Work4 is now one of our best performing sources in terms of lead app volume. They have been a great partner to work with.”

– Kelsey Stafford, Marketing Manager

Why Centerline partnered with Work4

To answer Centerline’s challenge of reaching more active and passive driver applicants, Work4 developed a dual strategy.

Active candidates on Facebook are browsing the jobs posted in Facebook Marketplace. To assist Centerline in reaching this audience, Work4 developed an integration between Centerline’s ATS (Tenstreet) and Facebook Marketplace. Because Work4 is one of Facebook Jobs’ key partners, that allowed automating the job postings on Marketplace. Centerline was the first transportation company to be integrated with Facebook Marketplace. Now, everytime a job is pushed on their ATS it appears on Facebook Marketplace in the Jobs section. Because the volume of applicants was too high and not qualified enough at the beginning, Work4 also customized the apply flow by integrating screening questions in order to filter all candidate with no CDL license or with too little experience.

apply flow

To address passive candidates, which is the biggest volume of drivers in the market, Work4 deployed the W4 Pipeline product for Centerline. This technology enables trucking companies to use Facebook ads to display their open positions in front of a selected audience of drivers and to receive the applies directly in Tenstreet or another ATS. The added value for Centerline was to offer passive candidates a much shorter apply process and to receive candidate leads that recruiters could contact and begin to nurture. W4 Pipeline was also used to ensure the best cost per applicant with the highest qualification rate.

apply flow


Thanks to Work4’s solutions, Centerline Drivers transformed Facebook into an efficient source of recruitment with the ease of use of a job board but with three times more potential candidates to target.

By addressing the active and passive candidate audiences with Work4, Centerline has seen more than 200 applicants per week. The optimization of the application funnel gave great results in order to filter all applicants with a CDL license and a year of experience. Today, 75% of Centerline applications are qualified for their hiring process.

“We are very pleased with our partnership with Work4. The ability to leverage their expertise and connection with Facebook Marketplace has proven very successful in our recruiting efforts.”

– Kelsey Stafford, Marketing Manager