Dot Foods outpaces the competition in driver recruitment with Work4

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Dot Foods is the largest food industry redistributor in North America. They specialize in the redistribution of product in less-than-truckload quantities to their distributor customers. Founded by Robert and Dorothy Tracy in the small Midwestern town of Mt. Sterling, Illinois in 1960, Dot Foods and its affiliate, Dot Transportation, now deliver to all 50 states and over 35 countries. Dot employs more than 5,300 individuals across the U.S and takes pride in developing innovative solutions for manufacturers, distributors and operators.

One of Dot Foods’ and Dot Transportation’s key challenges is to hire and retain quality drivers and warehouse personnel. With regards to the current driver shortage in the US, this is a very challenging task to manage for the recruiting team. The challenge is even bigger for the company as it’s growing at a high pace and the need for drivers is linked to the company growth. Dot Foods has roughly doubled its size every five years.

Volume of hires is even more difficult to achieve when warehouses are located in rural regions, where the pool of candidates is smaller and the markets are saturated after years of recruiting.

For many years, Dot Foods and Dot Transportation relied heavily on newspaper and traditional job board advertising to get their opportunities visible. The gradual decline of newspapers’ and job board audiences was not able to fulfill their growing need of quality candidates. They began to explore alternate recruiting strategies to improve performances across the board.

Because drivers are spending most of their time on the road, the most efficient way to get in touch with them is through their mobile devices and the applications they use the most; social networks. This is why Dot Foods’ new strategy was centered around digital and social media with Facebook taking a prominent place as the biggest audience of drivers in the US with more than 2.3 million driver profiles.

Due to the high demand of quality candidates, Dot Foods uses an integrated approaching including tv, pre-roll, display and Facebook ads along with a career application tab on their corporate Facebook page.

“The Work4 team is teaching us a lot of new things on social recruiting, and that is invaluable.”

– Emily Waterman, Corporate Communications Manager

Why Dot Foods partnered with Work4

When Dot Foods and Dot Transportation first came to Work4 six years ago, we first created a career application on their Facebook page to be sure that drivers actively looking for a job, will find all the information they needed directly on Facebook. Active candidates represent 25% (0.5 Million) of drivers, so Dot Transportation needed a solution to put their jobs in front of the other 75% (1.6 Million) of drivers present on Facebook.

Dot started to do Facebook ads on their own and had promising results, however they couldn’t scale their Facebook performances as they didn’t have the people and knowledge on how to do so internally. Their ATS was not connected to Facebook so they had to manually setup each of the targeting parameters, and manually optimize bidding. In addition, candidate experience was suboptimal as the drivers had to conduct the full application process outside of Facebook which resulted in a high drop rate from the initial click to a completed application.

To overcome these challenges and deliver the high volume of quality driver candidates needed by Dot, Work4 deployed the Pipeline ads solution. Dot’s ATS was connected to Facebook so that any jobs appearing on their ATS could be pushed automatically on Facebook with the right audience and targeting. The technology also integrates an automated bidding strategy to optimize the cost per applicant. The candidate experience is improved with a custom questionnaire available directly on Facebook so the candidate never leaves the native Facebook environment.

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“Work4 has been instrumental in being able to reach more people. They helped us shape our strategy, they are a fantastic partner in both execution and education”.

– Emily Waterman, Corporate Communications Manager


Thanks to Work4’s solutions and technology, Dot Foods and Dot Transportation transformed Facebook into an efficient source of recruitment with the ease of use of a job board but with three times more potential candidates to target.

Dot’s success is measured by the number of impressions on their advertisements and applying to their open positions. In the last 12 months more than 1.78 million drivers saw Dot’s recruiting ads. Thanks to the candidate funnel optimization, Dot Foods also achieved a cost per Facebook lead below $10 with 3 out of 4 candidates meeting their initial qualifications.

Emily Waterman testifies : “Work4 has been instrumental in being able to reach more people. They helped us shape our strategy, they are a fantastic partner in both execution and education.”