Customer Testimonials

  • recruit on Facebook


    1st Staffing agency on Facebook Jobs in Europe.

  • recruiting ads

    Roane Transportation

    Roane Transportation scales driver recruitment with Facebook.

  • recruiting ads

    Dot Foods

    Dot Foods outpaces the competition in driver recruitment with Work4.

  • recruiting ads

    Centerline Drivers

    How Centerline fights the driver shortage with Facebook.

  • recruiting ads

    Pegasus Residential

    Pegasus Residential boost its recruitment with Work4.

  • recruiting ads

    Southwest Airlines

    Southwest Airlines is improving its recruitment thanks to employee advocacy.

  • Facebook job postings


    Adecco optimizes their recruitment chatbots with Work4’s technology

  • recruiting ads


    iQor leverages Facebook for recruitment with Work4.

  • recruiting ads

    P&S Transportation

    P&S Transportation improves its drivers recruitment by optimizing jobs reach and application costs.

  • Drivers Recruiting

    Work4 has developed exclusive features – click-to-call, ATS integration, campaign daily optimization – to help recruiters hire truck drivers with Facebook.

  • Restaurant Workers

    Work4 helps you reach the 60% restaurant workers who are only active on Facebook.

  • PepsiCo


    By using Work4’s social recruiting tools since 2012, PepsiCo revolutionized its way to recruit and interact with candidates on social media.

  • metro_staffing_work4

    Metro Staffing

    Visibility and cost-effective recruiting: a working recipe for Metro Staffing Services

  • Logo Uniqlo-02


    Since 2013, Uniqlo Has Successfully Engaged Young Graduates on Facebook

  • nielsen_work4


    With Social Job Posting, Nielsen found a cost-effective way to receive an average of 45 applications per month!

  • Airbus Group

    With its “Airbus Group Career” page, liked by more than 183K Facebook users, the company naturally decided to start social recruiting while continuing to develop its employer brand.

  • RedLobsterlogo1

    Red Lobster

    Red Lobster Decreases their Average Cost per Hire by Nearly 75% with Work4

  • USA Truck 1

    USA Truck

    USA Truck Takes Recruitment to the Next Level with Social Job Posting

  • brewport_work4


    Recruiting staff for a new restaurant & bar in Bridgeport was quick and easy for Brewport!

  • regional_health_logo_success_work4

    Regional Health

    Regional Health reduced its Cost per Hire over 50% by utilizing Work4’s Social Job Posting Solution while increasing Employer Brand and Social Media engagement

  • Edenred

    More than 50% of Edenred’s hires come from Work4!

  • Young Graduates

    Work4 allows you to reach the 60% of Young Graduates only active on Facebook

  • Logo Melton

    Melton Truck Lines

    Melton Truck Lines invested in Social Recruiting Solutions in 2012 to attract new potential candidates. Due to Work4’s integration with Facebook’s ad platform, Melton was able to target candidates based on users’ profile information and thereby attract quality drivers to their positions.

  • Groupe_Lucien_Barriere

    Barrière Hôtels & Casinos

    Since 2014, Group Lucien Barrière, which operates luxury hotels and casinos in Europe, has published more than 1,000 job offers on Facebook.

  • LogoSiemens


    Siemens targets a highly qualified talent pool with Work4 solutions

  • ILKB-01

    I Love Kick Boxing

    In 2016, Work4 became the primary source of recruitment for three I Love Kick Boxing stores accross the US.

  • Logo-Crédit-Agricole-Charente-Périgord 1

    Crédit Agricole

    With Work4, Crédit Agricole Charente Perigord Reduced its Cost per Applicant and Received 2.5 Times More Qualified Applications

  • Logo Cigna


    Cigna, a healthcare company, launched its social recruiting strategy with Work4 in 2012. For the past three years, they’ve achieved several goals such as sourcing specific candidates in the healthcare industry, and building up their employer brand with US Universities.

  • Logo Ancestry is the world’s largest online resource for family history. With Social Recruiting solutions, such as a Facebook Career App, Work4 helped them meet their biggest HR challenge: Sourcing candidates for managerial positions.

  • Logo Academic Work

    Academic Work

    Academic Work is Scandinavia’s leading staffing company, filling over 14,000 job vacancies per year. Using Work4 technology, they ran successful monthly ads campaign and efficiently used other social recruiting solutions to hire young professionals.

  • Logo L'Oréal


    L’Oréal, an international cosmetics company, needed to quickly attract students with particular work experience from specific universities. They choose Work4 in order to take full advantage of Facebook’s 1.35 billion potential candidates, and in the end succeeded in sourcing qualified candidates in a timely manner.

  • BurgerKing logo

    Burger King

    Burger King Recruits Restaurant Directors and Managers with Social Job Posting

  • Logo Hard Rock Cafe

    Hard Rock Cafe

    For its new venue in Florence, Hard Rock Cafe, an international restaurant franchise with a strong internal culture, decided to supplement its hiring efforts via social networks. Using Work4, the Hard Rock team successfully launched a Facebook campaign to leverage their strong fan-brand and hire talent.