Cigna Hires Clinical Talent with Work4

Cigna is a healthcare company committed to providing exceptional benefits, expertise and service to its 65 million customers. Known for its dedicated staff, the company strives to find the best possible hires. In early 2012, Cigna partnered with Work4 to launch its social recruiting strategy. In less than two years, social recruiting has become a main source of Cigna’s candidates and allowed them to quickly fill key positions.


How to target and to hire young qualified candidates in the healthcare industry ?

How to access a new talent pool in the Chicago area?

How to strengthen their employer brand to build up their university programs?

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Cigna’s Social Recruiting Strategy

W4 App

Cigna started by building a career tab, which made their job openings visible to the world’s largest social network. They also added custom content and videos to showcase Cigna’s corporate culture, strengthening their employer brand.

W4 Pipeline

The Work4 Social Ads Team launched a series of targeted campaigns to drive qualified candidates to Cigna’s career site. The first campaign focused on recruiting nurse case managers in the Chicago area – a new market for Cigna – in a limited amount of time. The Ad Team targeted clinical talent based on their work experience, education, location and interests. Work4 also attracted current healthcare students and recent graduates to the “Early Careers at Cigna” Facebook page using a combination of desktop and mobile ads.

Finally, W4 Ambassadors was introduced to enable Cigna’s recruiting team to promote jobs on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.


  • 24%

    Since partnering with Work4, Cigna has seen a dramatic improvement in candidate engagement and conversion. 24% of Cigna’s candidates come from job distribution on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • 50%

    Social ads have proven to be an invaluable component of Cigna’s successful social recruiting initiatives, boosting traffic and candidate conversions on the Cigna career site by 50%.

  • 5M

    The company runs monthly Facebook recruiting ads campaigns. One $1,250 campaign received 5 million impressions and 81 apply clicks within 2 weeks, enhancing brand awareness while efficiently attracting applicants to the company’s positions in a short period of time.

  • 35x

    The pilot campaign mentioned above resulted in 35 hires in 60 days. Cigna’s talent pool has grown significantly, with social recruiting driving five times as many applicants and 386% more job views.