Burger King Recruits Restaurant Directors and Managers with W4 Pipeline

Burger King needed to recruit directors, managers and waiters for its new restaurants in France. They also wanted to adopt an innovative position in the French market by sourcing candidates via non-traditional media. For them, Facebook was the perfect solution.

Burger King’s Social Recruitment Strategy


W4 App and W4 Pipeline

In terms of strategy, Burger King opted for Work4’s targeted ads system called W4 Pipeline. They chose to launch fully automated campaigns to monitor the 10 cities in which they operate for a $14K total budget. Our technology targeted candidates by location, professional experience, and interests to find the perfect restaurant directors, managers, and waiters for Burger King.


Burger King’s goal to recruit Directors and Managers with Facebook has been achieved. Their targeted ads generated 3,55M unique impressions and 29,000 clicks redirecting candidates to their job offers. They received 1,843 applications and could hire people in various positions and build a strong team for their French restaurants.