Adecco optimizes its recruitment chatbot with Work4’s technology

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«Work4’s best attribute: its targeting capabilities. We could reach new candidates who weren’t already in our database.»

– Rémi Thorel, Social Media Manager at Adecco Group


Spring 2017 – Adecco, the largest French staffing organization, launched its Facebook chatbot called “Aloha”. An innovation aimed at facilitating interactions with candidates on social media and helping temporary workers achieve their application objectives.

Adecco’s plan was to adapt to its candidates’ habits, since they witnessed a growing share of their candidates came from social media, notably Facebook, decreasing the weight of their 850 agencies and their website.
For Adecco, Facebook was a great fit: in France, it accounts for 35 million active users, and more than ⅔ of the active workers.

Adecco’s objective was to generate 100,000 chats in the first year of the chatbot existence. Adecco’s organic traffic and their current temporary workforce that was generated from their numerous Facebook pages wasn’t big enough to achieve their chat goals. The challenge was then to target new candidates that didn’t already exist in their database through Facebook. In addition to that, Adecco aimed at decreasing their cost-per-applicant to optimize the performance of their marketing budget.

Why they came to Work4

These objectives led Adecco to choose Work4’s technology to leverage Facebook advertising and give more visibility to their chatbot tool. Work4’s technology could help them deliver personalized content to segmented audiences sorted by jobs and professional experience.

Adecco launched a targeted ad campaign with Work4 to invite new profiles to interact with the chatbot with an end goal of generating applications to their open requisitions. Targeted profiles were production operators, forklift drivers, hospitality workers, and various other low-mid tier candidates. Facebook is the only social network that can improve recruiting actions for such profiles due to the low activity for these profiles on LinkedIn and traditional job boards.

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Work4 has generated more than 60% of new conversations and represented the best cost per new conversation.


After 12 weeks of the campaign, Work4’s solutions resulted in launching 18,500 chatbot conversations representing more than 60% of Aloha’s new visitors and accounting for the best “cost per conversation” – $0.95.

Work4’s optimization algorithms also resulted in better click-to-chat conversion rates. As of today, one out of two people clicking on the ad begins a conversation with the chatbot. That is a 50% increase over previous Adecco campaigns – which were run without Work4.

Adecco’s chatbot resulted in great success among candidates thanks to the combination of artificial intelligence and Work4’s visibility campaign. Today it delivers more than 2,000 chats per month. Adecco received the “Chatbot of the Year” award, attributed by Netmedia Europe in 2017.

In the near future, the chatbot should be integrated with Adecco’s applicant tracking system in order to deliver an even more efficient application funnel. Adecco would then benefit from Work4’s integration with Facebook Jobs.