Academic Work

A Scandinavian Staffing Company Sources Graduates on Facebook with Work4.

As the leading staffing company in Scandinavia, Academic Work prides itself on sourcing the best candidates and providing employers with high quality hires from a talent pool of young professionals. They operate in five countries and fill over 14,000 job vacancies per year.

Academic Work offers part-time jobs that are related to studies, as well as non-study related assignments. After graduation, they help young professionals get their first and/or second qualified and professional jobs.


How do you reach, attract, and source quality graduates?

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Academic Work’s Social Recruiting Strategy

W4 App

The W4 App allowed Academic Work to position itself on the social network where the majority of its potential candidates spend their time. The company installed a branded career tab on their Facebook Fan Page, allowing their young fans and their professional audience to access their job opportunities and apply through Facebook. In addition Academic Work used W4 Ambassadors and empowered their recruiters, employees, and fans to automatically and virally distribute jobs across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Mobile Recruiting Solutions

With their mobile compatible W4 App, Academic Work enables smartphone and tablet users to look at and save interesting jobs on the move, which has led to an increase in mobile applicants as well.

W4 Pipeline

The Work4 Ads team runs monthly campaigns attracting a large amount of daily traffic to Academic Work’s jobs. They have advertised on multiple platforms in the past, but have seen the greatest return for the lowest cost with Work4’s Facebook ads. Indeed, this gave Academic Work the ability to distribute jobs across social networks and place relevant recruiting ads to attract passive candidates.

In the words of Johannes Sundlo, Academic Work’s Social Media Specialist, “We advertise jobs on other professional networks as well, but they’re not doing so well there…Facebook rocks! You rock!”


  • 9,600

    Converted 8% of the 9,600 average visits per month to their Facebook Career Site into applicants

  • 44%

    Increased job visibility with ads, which account for 44% of job views.

  • $14

    Ran successful monthly Ads campaigns. One campaign resulted in 1.9m impressions and 35 applicants within 2 weeks, with only a $14 CPA

  • 18%

    Met growing demand for mobile accessibility, as 18% of traffic now comes from a mobile device