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The Global Leader in Mobile & Social Recruiting

Work4 brings you an all-in-one, mobile-enabled solution for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, with powerful tools for building your employer brand, sourcing talent and generating referrals.

Why Recruit on Social Networks?

From passive candidates to hard-to-find talent across industries and geographies, everyone is on social networks. Work4 transforms Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter into the world’s largest talent pool quickly and cost-effectively. 

Amplify Your Employer Brand

Build a visible, engaging employer brand to attract the best talent on social networks. Improve your brand visibility everywhere, from Facebook to Twitter and LinkedIn, through ad campaigns and social job sharing with Work4.

Social Referrals & Job Distribution

Enable recruiters and employees to easily share jobs to their connections on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Increase brand exposure and flow of quality applicants by utilizing the strength of social relationships and the viral nature of social media. 

Targeted Ads & Advanced Sourcing

Extend your social recruiting reach with branded, targeted ad campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Advanced search capabilities let you find specific talent to complement your current sourcing efforts. 

Optimized for Mobile and Social

Streamline the candidate experience to convert more applicants directly within social networks and on mobile devices. Capture more passive talent with a user-friendly apply process that is fully integrated with your applicant tracking system.